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18+ Prorino Potency Caps

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PRORINO Potency caps for Men 10 caps

Each capsule contains natural substances that work great for your erection without any side effects! Prorino Potency Caps not only enhances your erection but also enhances your sexual arousal, energy and tone!

Ideal replacement for: stimulants, alcohol, energy drinks, coffee

Prorino Potency Caps are ideal for young people who go to a party or club and plan to have fun and sex all night.

Prorino Potency Caps are designed for respectable gentlemen, strengthen erections, increase strength and will. Provides energy and tone for sex, even after a long day at work.

Very effective when taken with the testosterone enhancer TRIBULUS Vegan.

If you want a longer lasting result, we recommend using Workout Power Bands during the course, as the bands stimulate muscle and metabolism - this is a combination that is very effective on male potency and erection.

Recommended use: Take one capsule with plenty of water without chewing. Do not exceed the recommended amount for this day!

INGRIDIENTS: red ginseng root powder, 14.7% L-arginine, capsule shell (gelatin, coloring agents E132, E171), macaque powder, damian root powder, ginkgo extract extract, magnesium stearate.


NB! The Highly Qualified Product is imported directly from the manufacturer and the owner:

The product is certified and approved for sale in the Republic of Estonia.

This product has been sold since 18 yrs.

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